With the state of the art Diamond control board, many of the advanced features you want are standard. The 8 feature selector switch will allow for easy installation and multiple capabilities like turning your transmitter into a 3 button station; click to open, click to stop and click to close.
Heavy downhill applications can rely on the Motor Brake for added control.

View All Gate Operators. 2 wire master slave along with multiple global inputs allow for full communication with your accessories from both the master and slave operator. For added protection all Diamond control boards come built in with lightning and surge suppression. This board is compatible with the Eagle-100, Eagle-1000, Eagle-200, Eagle-2000, Eagle-2000-APT and Eagle-OH operators. Part# E555 Have Questions? Contact an Eagle Representative today.


The DC Diamond control board showcases all the features of the standard Diamond control board but with the capabilities of DC power.

With 4-wire configuration this model is solar ready with its Auto power save mode which conserves energy and provides maximum cycles during battery only operation. For added protection, the DC Diamond control board comes built in with lightning and surge suppression and is compatible with the Eagle-100-DC, Eagle-1000-DC, Eagle-200-DC and the Eagle-2000-DC operators. Part# E600


The AC mini control board is a condensed version of our Diamond control board and is compatible with our Eagle-I and Eagle-II gate operators.

A 4 feature selector switch allows for master/slave capabilities, opening direction, motor brake for downhill applications and a close timer. Multiple inputs allow for accessories such as a receiver, photo eye, key pad and much more. For added protection, this model comes built in with lightning and surge suppression. For smaller applications, the AC mini control board makes for easy installation. Part# EG002