Eagle Rolling Code Universal Long Range Receiver 300 Remotes


Eagle Rolling Code Universal Long Range Receiver 30 Remotes


2 Channel Wireless Keypad


4 Button Visor Clip Transmitter


1 Button Visor Clip Transmitter


4 Button Keychain Transmitter


2 Button Keychain Transmitter


1 Button Keychain Transmitter


Eagle 2000 P Wounded Eagle DC

Enjoy heavy duty power and reliability with worry-free operation even during a complete power failure with The Eagle 2000-DC gate operators. With 2 models to choose from, the built in battery backup system which will allow the gate to operate at least 100 cycles when power is lost. Both models use the state of the art DC Diamond Control Board with its auto power save function which puts the operator in “sleep” mode when it’s not in use to provide maximum cycles during battery only operation. Enjoy peace of mind with this application, along with a 5 year warranty.

Goose Necks Access Control Pedestals

Goosenecks are perfect for mounting fire boxes, keypads, card readers, and more. These heavy high quality goosenecks fit most keypads. Made with the innovation and sturdiness that you would expect from Eagle Operators.