You May Need to Rethink Your Hide-a-Key

You May Need to Rethink Your Hide-a-Key

Learn why typical methods of hiding your spare key—and even some newer, creative ideas—fall short. Learn about some better ways to securely control access to your home.
  • Hide-a-key options on the market are simply not secure, as burglars are just as likely to know about them as you are.
  • When living in a shared home, renting out an AirBnB, or granting access to your home to other people in your absence, a keyless entry option is more efficient than a traditional lock-and-key option.
  • A security gate with remote locking and unlocking capabilities—such as a swing gate operator a sliding gate opener—is an even more secure option than a keyless system.

We’ve all been there: locked out of our house, flabbergasted because our cleverly concealed hide-a-key hadn’t done as great a job of hiding our spare key as we’d hoped, and now it’s nowhere to be found.

In other cases, we need to hide a key for a neighbor who will be coming to check on the house while we’re away on vacation, or else a trusted friend who will be by to water our plants.

Let’s talk about some of the most common places people hide their spare keys, and then get into why they aren’t the best or safest way to provide access to the housesitter, babysitter, or dog-walker when you’re away (Or, when you have lost your house key, yet again).

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