Eagle 100 DC 2

Keep your home secured with the Eagle 100-DC. This application gives you worry free operation even during a complete power failure! This model is equipped with a built in battery backup system which will allow the gate to operate at least 100 cycles when power is lost.

Eagle-100 Series

Protect your home or small business with the Eagle-100 Series. The Eagle-100 swing gate operator is perfect for residential and light commercial applications and works even during a power outage! This model comes with the industry-leading, feature packed Diamond Control Board. Enjoy peace of mind with the Eagle 100, backed by the best in class 5 year warranty.


Secure your residential or commercial property with the Eagle-II Swing Gate Motor Opener. Backed by our 5 year warranty, the Eagle-II is a powerhouse for smaller gates and comes with the AC Mini Diamond Control Board, the most user-friendly control board in the industry. This model is silent but powerful, with a heavy duty 1/2 horsepower duty motor, making it perfect for your home security needs.

X9 Series

The X Series Models are perfect for protecting your home or business. The Eagle-X9 residential/commercial swing gate operator provides quiet and smooth operation along with an installer friendly set up. Choose between the S Model, rated for gates up to 10’ and 600lbs or the L Model, which is built for gates up to 16’ and 800 lbs.