Eagle 1000 FR

The Eagle 1000 FR provides durable and rugged power and allows you to stay safe even in an emergency. This Fail Safe model allows you to simply push the gate open when there’s a power outage for easy access during an emergency with no special tools required. The gate cannot be pushed open when power is applied, making it the perfect secure system for your business.

Eagle 1000

Rated for continuous duty, the Eagle-1000 series delivers the reliable power you expect from Eagle Operators. Designed for residential and light commercial applications up to 27 feet or 600lbs, the Eagle 1000 series is equipped with our state of the art Diamond control Board, making it a great choice for protecting your home or business!


The Eagle-1000-DC gate operator is packed with features and comes equipped with a built in battery backup system which will allow the gate to operate at least 100 cycles when power is lost. This model includes the state of the art DC diamond control board, the most feature packed and installer friendly control board in the industry.


Keep your home safe with the Eagle-1 Gate Operator. The Eagle-1 is perfect for residential applications. Manufactured with the same quality and engineering as our larger commercial and industrial models, the Eagle 1 slide gate operator is built for gates up to 18 feet or 300lbs.


As the first of its kind, the AVI brings you a new look with its powder-coated steel construction in 3 different colors, along with the reliability and installer-friendly features that you’ve come to expect from Eagle Operators. Equipped with a ½ horsepower continuous duty motor as well as our state of the art AC mini board, all backed by our 3 year warranty.