Goose Necks

Goosenecks are perfect for mounting fire boxes, keypads, card readers, and more. These heavy high quality goosenecks fit most keypads. Made with the innovation and sturdiness that you would expect from Eagle Operators.

Fire Boxes

Stay safe even in an emergency. The Eagle EFB-200 Fire Box Provides the Fire Department access through your automated gate with the use of a micro switch, which can be set for not open or closed operations. The front door has a hole for a padlock to be secured, making this a secure option to make sure first responders can reach you in the event of an emergency.

Eagle Motors

Eagle Motors deliver all the power you need- even for the heaviest of applications. Select from 5 different motors. We have everything from the 1/2 HP mini power mini motor which is used on the Eagle-I and Eagle-II gate operators to the 1 Horsepower Eagle motors which are used for the heaviest applications including the Eagle-2000-APT. No matter what size you need, we have you covered on all Eagle Motors.

Control Board

The Diamond Control board is an industry leading control board that comes packed with features! This control board for Residential and Commercial gate operators is perfect for those that want advanced features. The 8 feature selector switch provides both easy installation and multiple capabilities so your gate operator works exactly how you want it to!

Eagle Chrome Series

The Chrome Series universal receivers and remotes utilize smart technology to provide convenience and top notch security for single family homes, multi unit complexes, and commercial buildings. This top of the line, cutting edge technology has self learning programming, making it safer and more convenient than ever!

Solar Panels

Save money and reduce your carbon footprint? Yes, please. Installing an Eagle Solar Panel is a great energy and cost saving option. State of the art firmware manages power consumption so that smaller solar panels can be used.


Tornados, hurricanes, and other power outages won’t stop your gate from keeping your home or business safe! All Eagle DC Gate operators come standard with deep cycle marine batteries for maximum use in the event of a power failure or for a solar only application.

Cold Weather Protection

Eagle offers cold water protection for gate operators for even the most extreme climates! The Cold Weather Heater Blanket attaches directly to the gear reducer to provide enough warmth to prevent the oil from freezing. Protect your system with the best!

Plug In Loop Detector

Shop Eagle Loop Detectors to keep visitors safe and prevent property damage. The fail safe plug-in loop detector allows the gate to stay open when vehicles are obstructing the gate path by detecting a change in the inductive field from the current signal.

Uphill Swivel Arm

Hills are no match for the Eagle Uphill Swivel Arm! The arm has 2 joints to allow the arm to pivot allowing the gate to rise smoothly, making it premier for even challenging landscapes! Shop now.