Select from 6 Guide Roller Models
These are rollers to mount horizontally on both sides of a gate to help stabilize it from tipping over. They are sold individually but a pair would be required for true stabilization. View All Slide Gate Openers They are made of rubberized UV protected hard plastic with seal bearing and a zinc plated bracket. Designed to stand up to the rigors of even the most extreme climates, these rollers will last for years and are maintenance free due to the internal sealed ball bearings. You can affix them to posts next to your gate via welding or bolting. Need help selecting Guide Rollers? Contact our support staff.
There are 6 models to choose from:
3” Black Premium Guide Roller. Part # EG103
6” Black Premium Guide Roller. Part # EG104
12” Black Premium Guide Roller. Part # EG105
3” White Premium Guide Roller. Part# EG097
6” White Premium Guide Roller. Part# EG098
12” White Premium Guide Roller. Part# EG102

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