Eagle Chrome Series Gate Remote

Universal Key Chain Remote Transmitter

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The CHROME series universal receivers and accompanying gate remote control utilize rolling code technology, providing optimum security and convenience for single-family homes, multi-unit communities and commercial buildings. This cutting edge technology comes with built-in, self-learning programming with a push of a single button. Protect your fence gate or garage with our quality garage door opener and opener kits, complete with our opener kits.

Transmitters & Keypad

1 Button Keychain Transmitter


2 Button Keychain 315 mhz Transmitter


4 Button Keychain Transmitter


1 Button Visor Clip Transmitter


4 Button Visor Clip Transmitter


2 Channel Wireless Keypad



Eagle Rolling Code Universal Long Range Receiver 30 Remotes


Eagle Rolling Code Universal Long Range Receiver 300 Remotes


Chrome Series Programming Videos

Select a language of your choice

Press the “Learn” button on the receiver and wait for the LED light to turn red.

Press anyone of the transmitter buttons twice

The LED will flicker for serval seconds before turning off which will indicate that the learning process is complete and successful

Press and hold the “Learn” button on the receiver for approximately 8 seconds after the red LED light turns on

Once the red LED light is off, release the learn button

The LED will turn red again for 2 seconds before turning off indicating that the deleting of the transmitter is complete

Press buttons 1 and 2 at the same time of your existing programmed transmitter

Press button 2 of that same remote. This allows the receiver to enter the learning process

On your new remote gate transmitter, press the same button TWICE. Now the learning process is complete and your new transmitter is ready to use

Power: 12-24 VAC or DC

Relay: 1 AMP

Frequency: 433.92

Encoding: Rolling Code

Remote Capacity: EG650 30; EG 652 300

Warranty: 1 Year

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