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What class of gate operators does Eagle offer?

With AC and DC models to choose from, Eagle offers top quality small residential, heavy-duty/high-traffic and industrial/commercial class of gate operators.

What gate operator products do you sell?

Eagle offers a full line of gate operator models to choose from:
o Eagle-I Residential Slide Gate Operator

o Eagle-1000 Series of Residential Slide Gate Operators
• Eagle-1000-FSF-1/2 HP Residential Fail Safe Slide
• Eagle-1000-FSC-1/2 HP Residential Fail Secure Slide

o Eagle 1000-DC Res-Lite Commercial Slide Gate Operator
• Eagle-1000-DC-1/2 HP Residential/Light Commercial Slide Gate Operator with Battery Back up

o Eagle-2000 Series of Commercial Slide Gate Operators
• Eagle-2000-FSF-1/2 HP Commercial Fail Safe Slide
• Eagle-2000-FSC-1/2 HP Commercial Fail Secure Slide
• Eagle-2000-1HP-1 HP Commercial Fail Secure Slide
• Eagle-2000-DM-Dual 1/2 HP Commercial Fail Secure Slide for High Traffic

o Eagle-2000-DC Series of Slide Gate Operators
• Eagle-2000-DC-1/2 HP Commercial Slide Gate Operator, with Battery Back up
• Eagle-2000-DC-HD-3/4 HP Commercial Slide Gate Operator with Battery Back up

o Eagle-2000-APT Series of Commercial Slide Gate Operators
• Eagle-2000-APT-1 HP Heavy Duty Commercial Slide
• Eagle-2000-APT-1.5HP Heavy Duty Commercial Slide
• Eagle-2000-APT-DM-Dual 1 HP Commercial Slide for High Traffic

o Eagle-II Residential Swing Gate Operator
• Eagle-II – 1/2 HP Residential Swing Gate Operator

o Eagle-100 Residential Swing Gate Operator
• Eagle-100-1/2 HP Residential Swing Gate Operator

o Eagle-100-DC Swing Gate Operator
• Eagle-100-DC – 1/2 HP Residential/Light Commercial Swing Gate Operator with Battery Back up

o Eagle-200 Series of Commercial Swing Gate Operators
• Eagle-200 – 1/2 HP Commercial Swing Gate Operator
• Eagle-200-1HP Commercial Swing Gate Operator
• Eagle-200-DM – Dual 1/2 HP Commercial Swing Gate Operator for High Traffic

o Eagle-200-DC Series of Swing Gate Operators
• Eagle-200-DC- 1/2 HP Commercial Swing Gate Operator with Battery Back up
• Eagle 200-DC-HD – 3/4 HP Commercial Swing Gate Operator with Battery Back up

o Eagle-OH Series of Overhead Gate Operators
• Eagle-OH – 1/2 HP Commercial Overhead Gate Operator
• Eagle-OH-1HP Commercial Overhead Gate Operator

What features come standard?

Only Eagle Gate Operators utilize the Diamond Control Board; the most feature-packed control board available. With Eagle, the advanced features you most often need come standard. Features like: Two Wire Master/Slave with Global Inputs, Built-in Open & Close Delay, One-Pass Anti-Tailgating, Stop-Reverse for Partial Open, Motor Brake, 24VDC Output for Magnetic Lock, Auxiliary Power Output, Auto Close Timer and many others.

How do I open my gate during a power outage?

In addition to Fail-Secure models, Eagle Gate Operators also come in Fail-Safe; which allows you to simply push the gate open during the power failure for easy access in case of an emergency. For uninterrupted operation, install Eagle DC gate operators with Battery Back-up, which can deliver up to 100 cycles when power is lost so your entire access control system operates uninterrupted.

What type of warranty does Eagle Gate Operators offer?

Each Eagle Gate Operator is backed by our Best-in-Class Warranty. 5-Year limited warranty on all models and a 7-Year limited warranty on commercial models in residential applications.

Where do I find Installation Instructions?

See the Tools and Downloads option on the menu toolbar. Each Eagle Gate Operator series and model has product information, instructional directions and a manual that is free to download from your computer.

How to become an Eagle Gate Operator Dealer and Distributor?

Visit the Dealer Registration and Distributor Registration sections, to learn about the advantages of becoming a dealer or distributor for Eagle Access Control Systems.

How to register my warranty?

See the Warranty Registration tab and fill in the blanks with the requested information.

Where can I buy an Eagle gate operator?

Eagle Gate Operators and accessories are sold through a nation-wide network of distributors. Please click here to submit your request and we will provide you with locations near you.


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